November 2018 Reading Goals

Happy Wednesday, book friends. I can’t believe how quickly November is just passing us by. Is Thanksgiving truly next Thursday?

Everything always gets busier and more stressful right before any holiday and that is definitely happening to me right now. I’ve a big assignment as well as a review assignment due this Sunday and I have quite a few other things to do this weekend including working on Saturday (ugh) and attending one of my library patron’s performances right after! We discovered we’re both singers and this weekend she is having a concert to help raise money for a mission trip she will be making next year to Russia to build a music school there. I’m so excited to finally hear her sing!

I want to make sharing my monthly reading goals a regular thing, so here are my reading goals for the month of November:

*Goals marked with an asterisk are ongoing.
✔Goals marked with a checkmark have been achieved

Read 14 books.

I am just 23 books away from meeting my reading goal for the year. I’m still confused as to how I finished well over 200 last year…Let’s see how many I finish by 2019!

Listen to 1 audiobook.

I didn’t listen to a single audiobook last month! I love audiobooks because I can listen to them while doing chores and going on walks…and they help me breeze through my reading challenge!

Write up at least 4 blog posts.

I am honestly just dying to be more active around here. I miss interacting with you all and am looking forward to any down time I get during the rest of this semester to talk books with you.

Fully burn 2 book candles.

I am a candle hoarder! I have a hard time burning my bookish candles because they’re so lovely and amazing and I want them to last forever. I am currently repping for four really amazing homemade, hand-poured candle businesses through bookstagram and have discount codes to share with you.

Geeky Girl Scents (shop),  PRETTY18 = 18% OFF (active through November)

Written in Wax Co. (shop), SING10 = 10% OFF (active through December)

Witchy Wicks Candle Co. (shop), SINGPRETTY15 = 15% OFF (ongoing)

Luna Love by Corinna (shop), SINGPRETTY10 = 10% OFF (forever rep)

Read 1 graphic novel.

I’m still deciding what graphic novel to read this month. I’ve read a few really great stand-alone graphic novels and am open to any recommendations. If you know any good ones with romance I’d be intrigued!

Read 10 picture books.

While I am passionate about all young readers’ literature, there is a special place in my heart for picture books. I always get excited when we get a new shipment of picture books at work and will often put aside whatever I’m working on to go through them.

Molly Idle, a Caldecott-Honor author, is one of my favorite picture book illustrators. I highly recommend checking out her wordless picture books–they are stunning!

I was so excited so see Pearl amidst our newer picture books this week. This one follows little mermaid, Pearl, who longs to take care of her ocean world. She is discouraged and feels unimportant when her mother asks her to tend to one small grain of sand. But over the course of the story, Pearl learns how even the tiniest of actions can transform the world.

Do you have any goals you’re aiming for this month? How close are you to completing your reading challenge for the year? Don’t hesitate to chat with me in the comments below. I promise to get back to you as soon as I can!


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jasminesreading @singprettyreadbooks
*2018 Reading Challenge Update: 177/200

3 thoughts on “November 2018 Reading Goals

  1. Audiobooks are so awesome! For some reason I rarely listen to them though. I’ve been wanting to read more graphic novels too! I just find them hard to find round here. Good luck with assignments!

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