October 2018 Reading Goals

Happy Wednesday, bloggers. It’s been another busy and exhausting week so far. While at work on Saturday, my co-worker, A, and I both started getting sick, beginning with constant sneezing which then led to a sore throat. We blamed our fellow staff member, B, who came into work just getting over some sickness. She explained she also had feverish symptoms including achy muscles…which I totally felt the next day! Fortunately, I am getting over this sickness, though I definitely still have the sniffles. I hope everyone is getting their flu shots and taming their seasonal allergies!

Since I’ve started bullet journaling, I’ve decided to come up with monthly reading-related goals so as to perpetuate and enhance my reading and book-tracking habits.


Here are my reading goals for the month of October…

*Goals marked with an asterisk are ongoing.
✔Goals marked with a checkmark have been achieved

✔Watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix.

I originally had this goal for the month of September, but I wanted to read the book prior to watching the film. Obviously, the book has a bit of a waiting list because of the movie, so I didn’t get my hands on it for a while. But I recently finished it and ended up giving it 3/5 stars. I finally got myself to relax and watch the Netflix adaptation and overall, I actually liked it a little more than the book. I will try to write up a post explaining my thoughts.

*Work on a new note-taking system for reviews.

I’ve been wanting to develop a new note-taking system for book reviews for a while now. I have devised a sort of sticky-tab color coding system, but have yet to really implement it. Please feel free to leave your own tips in the comment section below!

*Read away from my phone more.

I am totally addicted to checking my phone, particularly instagram, for updates. As much as I love bookstagram, I do find that it gets in the way of reading and relaxation time. I would like to get better at leaving my phone a distance away from me while I read.

Read 14 books.

So long as I read at least 14 books a month til the end of the year, I should be ahead of my reading goal (200 books).

Write at least one full book review.

I’ve been writing a lot of rapid reviews for books completed since I haven’t had much time to write fuller, longer reviews. But I’d like to write at least one full review this month because it allows me to really analyze and evaluate a book with more depth.

Read at least 3 children’s/middle grade novels.

I currently have Kelly Yang’s Front Desk checked out as it was recommended to me by my internship mentor. If you have a middle grade novel (especially if it’s a recent release) that you really enjoyed, let me know! I prefer realistic fiction for this age level.

Let me know what your literary goals are for October! Anything special you’d like to achieve? Maybe you want to read a certain amount of books or start a new collection of bookmarks?


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Linktr.ee: @singprettyreadbooks
*2018 Reading Challenge Update: 163/200

14 thoughts on “October 2018 Reading Goals

  1. I’m definitely guilty of checking my phone A LOT when reading. It’s something I’ve been working on too. I hope you reach your goals!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, no! I’m glad you’re getting over being sick, but I hope you feel all better soon. I actually need to go get my flu shot…

    I love your October goals! This is such a great idea. I’ve been wanting to get back into using my bullet journal more, but I don’t usually use a daily planner much, so it felt a little “empty”. I like the monthly goal idea much more, so I think I’ll have to borrow that! 🙂

    The cover for Front Desk is adorable. I’ll have to check it out. Good luck with your goals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Destiny! Just as I was getting over whatever I had…I ended up getting a really terrible cough (and of course it was during the weekend I had so many singing obligations and gigs). Thankfully, I am well now!

      I keep two separate bullet journals for daily/monthly planning and books because I’m a crazy, but I’ve been really enjoying using both. Thanks for the good luck wishes 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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