Friday Fiver | My Top 5 LuneLovebyCorinna Candles

Happy Friday, friends! The weekend is nearly here. Do you have anything fun coming up?

For today’s Friday Fiver, I’ll be featuring my top 5 most beloved candles hand-made and hand-poured by the wonderful Luna Love by Corinna.

I am so lucky to be a forever rep for Corinna because not only is her work amazing, but she is just the loveliest person. She works so hard and is so kind. Give her shop a follow on instagram too. If you ever purchase from her, use my rep code SINGPRETTY10 to get 10% off.

I love her candles so much that I very rarely burn them. Isn’t that just terrible?! They just smell so amazing and I want to preserve them for as long as I possibly can! The candles listed below are my absolute favorite scents by Corinna.

*All photos belong to me.

The Who Are You candle is inspired by the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. This one smells like “watermelon hookah smoke” and totally reminds me of yummy melon-flavored Asian candies. (Hopefully someone understands that sentiment.)

How hilarious is the title of this candle?! Not Today, Satan smells like sangria and lemons. When I first smelled this, I described it to my followers as toasted peaches…I tried.

Corinna’s Poison Apple is inspired by Snow White and is the perfect fresh, apple scent that I adore. The label actually got a face lift recently, so mine has the old label.

Farts never smelled so good! Unicorn Farts smells just like sugary sweet cotton candy. All my fellow unicorns will love this candle!

All for Love & Love for All is hands-down my favorite scent by Corinna! I love strawberry scents and this one is designed to smell like strawberries and champagne. Also, isn’t the name for this one just fantastic?

Corinna also gives customers the option to create a custom label for any candle scent in the shop. I loved the All for love scent so much, that I requested for the same candle with a candle featuring my handle (ugh, rhyming).

As you can probably tell, I really enjoy fruity and sweet fragrances. But Corinna has a variety of uninque smelling candles which are inspired by so many awesome fandoms including Disney films, books, and TV shows.

Be sure to let me know if you have purchased from her before or plan on doing so in the near future. You won’t be disappointed and honestly, you’re worth it!


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