Thoughtful Thursday | Book buying habits

Happy Thursday, darling bloggers. Yesterday, on my Instagram story, I ended up unboxing a new leather work tote which I treated myself to as a post-Easter gift. The brand of the bag I purchased is Cuyana, whose philosophy is “fewer better things.”

What I love about Lent is that by sacrificing something (in my case, online shopping) I remind myself how to live or at least function without that particular thing or habit again. Something I’ve been meaning to do, in general, is really minimize my spending while still maximizing my budget (does that make sense?).

I have some really unhealthy shopping habits and I tend to hoard things. I’d really like to go forward with the Cuyana brand mentality and cut back on my spending.

Along with clothes and handbags, books have become one of my greatest downfalls when it comes to shopping. As much as I love Bookstagram, it has definitely fueled some of my worst book-buying habits. The unhealthy book buying habits I want to break are:

  • Buying books just because they’re pretty and would look good for Bookstagram
  • (similar to the previous issue) Holding onto books just because they photograph well–even if it’s a book I did not like very much
  • Pre-ordering books that I won’t read until a year (or more) later
  • Ordering books just because they’re on sale
  • Buying books even though I’m really on the fence about whether or not I’ll enjoy them

Here are some of the things I’ve been doing and want to do more to alleviate my aforementioned habits:

  • Buy more e-books for my kindle (as opposed to their physical versions)
  • Borrow more from the library
  • Sell/donate books
  • Remove books from my TBR (check out my Down the TBR Hole posts)
  • More frequent book-buying bans

While I do enjoy supporting the authors when I can…my wallet needs support too! I’m definitely getting better and my overall change in mentality is making me more wary or buying books when I get tempted. What are some book buying habits that you’re trying to break and what are some of your strategies for doing so? Have they been working? Let’s help each other save money and shelf space!


Twitter: @jasminesreading
*2018 Reading Challenge Update: 57/200

P.S. I plan on doing a What’s in my work bag post soon. So, if you’re interested in what bag I purchased, I’ll feature it then!

12 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday | Book buying habits

  1. Great post, I also need to sort out my book buying habits. I started visiting the library more to help with this but then I feel in love with one of the books I borrowed and had to go out and buy it which kind of defeated the purpose 🙂

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