Friday Fiver | My favorite and most recent B&N purchases

Happy Friday, everyone. Did you have a good week? I’d say that I’m glad the weekend is here, except I’ll be working all day Saturday, LOL.

For today’s Friday Fiver, I’ll be sharing some things I recently bought from Barnes & Noble. Last week, after work, my friend and I stopped by B&N because I needed to pick up a book light for the Easter Vigil last Saturday because the first half of mass is done completely in the dark and I needed one to use for singing my solos and such.

Ok…so, I–like many others, I’m sure–am unable to buy just one item when I go into B&N, even if it is my intention. I ended up purchasing quite a lot, but below are the top 5 things that I was so happy to find that day!

Kate Spade “Eat Cake for Breakfast” Insulated Tumbler

I totally did not need this tumbler, but I am a glutton for Kate Spade products. I always get sucked into her product display at B&N and when I saw that this was the last tumbler in this particular “design,” I knew I had to snag it.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (B&N Collectible Edition)

The B&N collectible editions are absolutely stunning. I’ve been wanting to read pretty much every one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock stories one day, so I am happy to add this to my personal library.

NuFlex Light

I had debated between getting two small book lights or one large one and went with the latter. This works really well with three light settings. I can’t really complain too much because it works perfectly fine and I like that it is a warm light. I do wish it was “rechargeable” as opposed to needing three AAA batteries and I actually found it to be too bright for me. At the Vigil service, every time I turned it on, I had to adjust it to the lowest setting, which means I had to press the button three times and pass through every light setting. Regardless, it works and I was just relieved to get a book light a few days before I needed it.

Kate Spade “The world was hers for the reading” book tote (sold out?)

Did I mention how much I adore Kate Spade? I was unable to find this anywhere online, but it can probably be found at any B&N location that has a Kate Spade display. I had been hoping to get another book bag to use for work or my music books and I just love this one because of the quote. It is on the smaller side, but perfect for toting around any extra things I need.

Princess Jasmine (Red Glitter) Funko Pop

So, I have been dying to buy this particular pop figure which I refer to as “Sexy Jasmine” for obvious reasons. B&N (my store, at least) does not really organize their pops and so it was sheer luck that I found her on the shelf hiding behind various other pops.

What was the last item(s) you bought from your favorite book shop? Is there anything you’re hoping to pick up next time?


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9 thoughts on “Friday Fiver | My favorite and most recent B&N purchases

  1. I am a sucker for Kate Spade too! I need that Tumbler in my life, and the last thing I bought at B&N was the witch doesn’t burn in this one at Amanda’s Lovelace’s signing.

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