One Lovely Blog Award

Happy Wednesday, bloggers. The wonderful Karen Jo (Sincerely Karen Jo) nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award, and I couldn’t be anymore thankful. You’re a darling, my friend! So happy to have met you in the blogosphere.

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Here are seven facts about me…

1. I was named after Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. My older sister, who was four years old when I was born, asked my mom if she could name me Jasmine because Aladdin was her favorite movie at the time.

2. My favorite number is 6. I was born on the sixth day of the sixth month of the year (June 6th) and Jasmine is actually the sixth official Disney Princess (source). I also started singing by joining my church’s children’s choir when I was six years old.

3. I am Catholic. I am very comfortable with my spirituality. My faith is one of my greatest constants in life which keeps me grounded and sees me through all my trials and times of distress.

4. Winter is my favorite season and Christmas is my favorite holiday. I could never live somewhere it doesn’t snow. I am always at my happiest when it’s snowing or when I’m preparing for the holidays! With regards to my religion, it’s obviously a very important time of year. But outside of that, it’s a wonderful time which reminds us to love one another and take care of each other every day.

5. I was not a huge reader as a child. This will be elaborated on more in tomorrow’s post, but people are always surprised (and rightly so) to learn that I was not a huge fan of reading for pleasure while growing up.

6. I am not into booktube. While I believe that there are a lot of wonderful things about booktubing and there are so many hard-working and creative booktubers out there, it is an area of the literature world that I am wary of stepping into. I have a lot of opinions on this, so I may write up a Thoughtful Thursday post or if anyone asks, I can share my opinions.

7. If I could have one wish come true, I’d wish to be the vocalist for the next Disney Princess. Anybody got the hook-up? 🙂

I’m nominating…

Cecelia | The Seal Spot

Josie | Unlikely Magic

The Royal Bookshelf

Erica | Erica’s Bookshelves

Maria | Bookgraphy

Kristin | Kristin Kraves Books

Bree | In Love & Words

Merline | Merline Reads

Mel | Everyday_Reader

Larkin | Wonderfilled Reads


I hope everyone will get to partake simple yet lovely blog award. Let’s get to know one another better!


Twitter: @jasminesreading
*2018 Reading Challenge Update: 43/200

29 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Had fun reading your facts! I wasn’t much of reader too. As a child, it was actually my least favorite thing to do. I guess you can even say that I “hated” it. I moved here from the Philippines when I was 9 and while I did know how to speak English and understand, reading was a totally different thing. I don’t know when it really changed for me. In high school, I read the required books and enjoyed most of them, but still didn’t really read. BUT now, I am completely in love with it. Also really helps that there are SO MANY awesome books and choices.

    Love winter too! I really love the cold and rain. There’s nothing better than being curled up in bed with a good book while it’s pouring rain. I would love to live where there is snow, but I don’t know if I can leave Los Angeles. Even though I hate how crowded and traffic it is here, I love LA. Not too far from Disneyland. So many places to eat and I love food. LOL

    6 is my favorite number too cause I was born April 6.

    And you are too sweet! I’m so glad we’re friends too =)


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    1. I’m Filipino too! But I was born in America and I actually don’t speak Tagalog. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only reluctant reader growing up. Can’t go wrong with living near Disney–that sounds like a dream! But I do love my snow…I cannot be without a wintry Christmas! And your birthday is next month–so exciting!

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  2. Thank You so much for nominating me❤ I think it’s so cool that you were named after Princess Jasmine, she’s one of my favorites! And Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I make sure to make all the grinch friends around me just be happy 🤷😂

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    1. I am a singer! I’ve pretty much been singing my whole life and also pursued my Bachelor’s degree in Music Ed as a voice major. I was considering a Master’s degree in performance, but decided to go into librarianship instead. I still sing frequently, though 🙂

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  3. Thank god your sister asked for you to be named Jasmine. If my mom actually followed through with that I wanted my sister’s name to be, she’d be called Exhaust now LOL. Also, I’d love to hear you sing!

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    1. Hahahahaha!! Yes…we’re quite lucky that this worked out…my mom said she was considering naming me Jezebel which is not an ugly name and it’s definitely unique…buttttttt being named after a Disney Princess is definitely a better fun fact to share with others LOL! I sometimes sing on my instagram per request and just for fun! Maybe I’ll put a video up on the blog one day 🙂

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