Thoughtful Thursday | Concentration while reading

Happy Thursday, blog friends. For today’s post I want to read about your concentration while you’re reading.


There are times I find my mind drifting off while I’m reading. This generally happens when I’m reading really long books, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the book is uninteresting to me. Sometimes there are really long-winded descriptive passages that do nothing to move the plot or there’s just nothing happening, and so I end up dozing off and thinking about other things.

For example, I’ll be in the middle of a chapter reading about a character walking down the street or through a woodsy area and I’ll start thinking about something random like what I ate for lunch…whether or not my laundry is done…did I let the dogs in? Suddenly, I’ll come to and 10 pages have gone by but I have absolutely no recollection of what I’ve just read!


And I promise you, this happens during five-star books too! As I’m reading it, I’m sure the story is an absolute snooze-fest, but once I’ve completed it I’m raving about it on bookstagram.


But please let me know in the comments below if you’re the same way! What usually causes your mind to wander while reading? Any tips or tricks for getting yourself back on track?

I sometimes like to put in earphones and put on an ASMR room or classical music (nothing with vocals) to completely isolate myself during my reading experiences.

The Harry Potter ASMR rooms on youtube are the best!

This one is a remake of the Hogwarts library. They are super relaxing and sound great through your earbuds or on a speaker. Hopefully you don’t fall asleep! (But if you do, I don’t blame you).

I also love that the creator included visuals for each room. Go to her youtube channel for even more Harry Potter themed and other Fantasy inspired ASMR rooms.


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13 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday | Concentration while reading

  1. What’s funny is that when I was younger, before I had kids, this used to happen to me often when I had a lot of uninterrupted time. Now, ironically enough, that I have two young kids, I have a pretty epic ability to cancel out noise and disruption and focus on what I’m reading since I have to do so in hundreds of tiny chunks of time. It’s the same in my office, I can completely shut out any noise around me when I have to concentrate on a project because I’ve just gotten so good at focusing LOL!

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  2. I’ve found that I’ve had an issue with concentration lately, I never had any problems before but I find myself often zoning out during paragraphs. I used to listen to music when I read, but I don’t usually anymore.. maybe I should try that again!

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    1. Interesting! Have any ideas with regards to what may have led you to zone out more? Because I haven’t always been such an avid reader, I think my brain is used to skimming parts that don’t move me or engage me right away. So I probably zone out because I want to be able to process and digest whatever I’m reading more now, but my brain is like “ughhh noooooo.”

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      1. No, I have no clue why I’m doing it! I’ve also noticed that, in general, I can’t read for as long at one time as I used to. I guess my brain is just more prone to wandering for some reason right now.

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      2. I do find myself reading for hours at a time, but it is definitely not without some effort! Every 10-15 minutes I usually have to take a break whether it’s just to look out the window for a minute or to check up on my bookstagram for any comments or messages.

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