Update: Blog name change

Happy Monday, everyone. Just wanted to give you all a heads up that I have changed the name of my blog to jasmine’s reading, with the implied tagline “please do not disturb.”


The idea is also that there is also a blank after jasmine’s reading ____________, which can be filled with whatever books I’m currently reading or simply “blog.”

I had been thinking of “re-branding” my bookish handles for a while now. I was originally thinking jasmine’s bookshelf, but I liked the sound of the tagline I have now. I had a few other ideas as well such as jasmine loves and love jasmine, but I found that those were already in use in places like twitter and instagram.

This handle change also applies to twitter (@jasminesreading) and goodreads (username: jasminesreading).

For now, I’m keeping my instragram handle (@singprettyreadbooks) and book-related email (singprettyreadbooks@gmail.com) the same.

I hope you’re having a great day. I’m hoping to have my next book review up either today or tomorrow.


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