Friday Feature: Sailor Moon Crystal


Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week has been lovely. The weather has been pretty annoying…last week we had a blizzard…this past Monday we were gifted with freezing rain…and today the weather jumped up to the 60s!

Spring 2018 classes are scheduled to start up next Tuesday, so I’ve been trying to get as much reading done in my last few days of winter break.

But aside from reading, I’ve been binge-watching Sailor Moon Crystal, which is a re-boot of the original anime that is based on the manga series. I was absolutely addicted to the English-dubbed anime as a kid and was disappointed, when I grew up, to find that the show didn’t quite line up with the manga, though that didn’t make me love it any less.

I heard that the Crystal re-boot was a much better adaptation and I definitely agree. I’ve only read up to the 5th or 6th book in the series, but already, I can see that the Crystal re-boot is truer to them (I’m currently in the middle of season 2, which is the Dark Moon arc and introduces Chibi-usa from the future). The animation is beautiful, though I do think the transformation sequences look a bit strange at times (they warp their limbs and make them look all bendy…). Also, the opening sequence is quite long…although growing on me, the new music is not quite as good as the old.

I am definitely a die-hard Sailor Moon. I’m working toward collecting all the mangas. As of right now, I own volumes 1, 2, 6, and 12 because they were all on sale at BookOutlet at some point. Once in a while, I’ll pull out my old VHS tapes of the Sailor Moon R, S, and Super S movies.


Serena is my favorite of all the sailor scouts and Serena’s love for Darien (Usagi x Mamoru…Serenity x Endymion…however you refer to them) gets me in the feels every time. Definitely one of my most beloved OTPs.

I am watching the show via Hulu, which includes English subs. They seem to have the original anime on there as well and I am tempted to binge-watch that at some point too. Watching this show really does bring me comfort and reminds me of all the times I would turn it on just to pass the time when I couldn’t sleep or I was too sick to go out.

Let me know if you’re a Sailor Moon fan as well. Have you watched the original anime, the Crystal re-boot, or read the mangas? How do you think they compare?

*Reading challenge update: 7/200 books completed
Most recent read: “The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer” by Michelle Hodkin


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