Bookish Merch: Floating Starlights (June Rep Package)

Happy Friday, y’all! I received my June Rep Package from @floatingstarlights last weekend and I could not wait to share these wonderful goodies with you! (Click here to see what I got in my May rep package).


***Disclaimer: These products were sent to me, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


They recently started selling reed diffusers which are an awesome way of filling your room with fragrance without using a flame. Each reed diffuser set comes with a small glass jar, a 1.5 oz. vial of any scent of your choice, and 5 reeds! They also include instructions and helpful tips for maintaining your reed diffusers.

I’ve been using them since I opened my package and I love them! They really do fill your room (I used all 5 reeds at once for a stronger effect). Every time I come back to my room, the scent immediately hits me and I love it! I selected the Leia Organa scent from the Star Wars collection which smells like a tropical breeze and yummy melons!


Aside from 4 oz. tin candles and tealights, they also make wax melts which come in these adorable star shapes! I chose the Disney Villain collection and oh my goodness…every one of these smells so so so heavenly! Shop owner, Jess, also included two of them in tea light form, just because she’s a sweetheart.

A Snake, Am I? (Jafar/Black) – This one smells like a sexy citrus cologne!
Hello Beastie (Maleficent/Green) – A refreshing berry yet tangy scent.
Poor Unfortunate Souls (Ursula/Purple) – A lovely mix of sweet berries and flowers.
Never Smile At  Crocodile (Captain Hook/Blue) – Smells like a minty fruit…smells like I just took a shower 🙂


How beautiful is this bookmark?! They currently have disney villain inspired bookmarks listed, but you can definitely contact Jess about a custom bookmark request.

I am always looking into more Aladdin and Princess Jasmine inspired merch and when I begged her to design a Princess Jasmine bookmark for me, she assured me that she already had one ready for me! 🙂

I am seriously in love with her watercolor designs because each one is unique and you can just see the love that went into them.

And as an extra goody, she threw in a beautiful little print from which reads “Be Silly, Be Honest, Be Kind.” I thought this was so sweet of her because it’s everything I just want to be in life and she knows that.

I am honestly so blessed to be a rep for this brand and I’m already sad just thinking about how my rep period will be coming to an end once July is over!

Please do yourself right and head on over to their etsy shop and purchase yourself a few of their pretty goodies. Use my rep code PRETTY10 (good through July) to save a little money too!


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