Quick Reviews: Dreamology/One of Us is Lying/Wasted Words

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Sometimes, I read so many books that I want to share my thoughts on, but I just don’t have the time to write up full reviews for each one or I don’t want to share too much about them. Here are just a few quick reviews for some recent reads…

25817310Dreamology by Lucy Keating
YA Contemporary/Fantasy, High-School, Romance
My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Since she was a kid, Alice has known Max, the boy of her dreams…literally. Alice looks foward to falling asleep each night because she gets to go on wild and crazy adventures with her dream boyfriend. But things get weird when she finds out that he is real and they will be attending the same school.

I really loved this book in the beginning because I loved the entire premise of the book! There were so many adorable moments including fun and fantastical romantic getaways in their dreams. But I found the second half of this book to be really underwhelming and while I was rooting for Alice and Max to end up together, I didn’t like how the author led them there. Also…cheating?…dream OR reality..not ok.


32571395One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus
YA Contemporary, High-School, Mystery/Suspense
My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Breakfast Club + How to get away with murder + a little bit of  The Girl on the Train?…maybe? Five teenagers are in detention and one of them, who happens to be the writer for the school’s notorious gossip blog, winds up dead. WHO DONE IT?

The truth was nearly predictable in a way that almost made you wish it wasn’t true. Even though I had an inkling of what really went down, I was still fairly surprised and pretty impressed at the depth of the big reveal.

Overall, the pacing was good and I had a tough time putting this one down.

Without giving too much away, those with strong opinions on the depiction of mental illness in YA may find some aspect of this story a bit concerning. But even then, this did not deter me from enjoying this addicting mystery.

A slightly better read alike for Amanda K. Morgan’s Secrets, Lies, and Scandals.

29589501Wasted Words by Staci Hart
New Adult Contemporary Romance, Jane Austen Retelling
My Rating: 🌟🌟

In this retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma, Cam Emerson is a flannel-wearing, comic-loving nerd and Tyler Knight is a former football player turned sports agent. They are best friends and nothing more…right? Cam strives on being an excellent match-maker (which seems to be proven by the couples she’s set up), and so she means it when she says Tyler and her are not meant to be. But no matter how high her success rate is, she may just have to learn to that even she can be wrong.

I have not read Emma by Jane Austen, but I was really irritated by this book. The whole nosy match-maker concept did not translate well into this contemporary setting and I just found myself hating Cam the entire time. She is so big-headed and actually believes that she knows better than others “who belongs with whom.” I don’t appreciate how she compartmentalized people. By owning her nerd-status, she deemed it her right to speak for other nerds by saying that nerds are not “equals” to people like Tyler… excuse you. You do not speak for others.
While I sympathized with her not wanting to get hurt again, she did nothing to stand up to her ‘ex-boyfriend’ from high-school and so she allowed that one bad moment to define her relationships for the rest of her life. Grow a spine, girl.

Overall, I wasn’t entirely pleased by this story. New adult romance authors continually write some of the lamest female heroines and I’m kind of disappointed.

I hope you enjoyed this quick reviews! Let me know if you read any of these!

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