Bookstagram Round-Up: May 2017

Happy June and happy PRIDE month!! Major shout out and love to the entire LGBTQ+! Love is love is love and Pride month should be EVERY MONTH.

I’m here with another bookstagram round-up and this month has been one heck of a crazy ride!

I’ve already mentioned it in other posts, but I was so blessed to have been selected to be a rep for three already amazing bookish businesses from May through July. But this month…I can’t even believe it…but…I was chosen to be reps for FOUR more AMAZING bookish businesses!! I am still not over how fortunate I am that I get to promote and collaborate with so many wonderful bookish artists. Once things get settled and rep codes have been finalized, I will create a widget for my blog so you can see everyone I’m currently repping for if you ever stop by! But be sure to follow me on instagram, so you can see catch up on shop updates and sales!! πŸ™‚

Here are all the businesses I’m currently repping for…

Wick & Fable (Candles & Literary Teas): | etsy
Use SINGPRETTY10 to get 10% off Β (good through July)

FloatingStarlights (Candles, Bookmarks, Reed Diffusers): etsy
Use PRETTY10 to get 10% off (good through July)

InAPaperForest (Hand-made Bookmarks): etsy
Use SINGPRETTY10 to get 10% off (good through July)

LunaLovebyCorinna (Candles): etsy
Use SINGPRETTY10 to get 10% off (ongoing)

StellaBookishArt (prints and merch): Society6 | Redbubble
Follow my account for updates on sales

TheBiblioFactory (candles): shop currently on break
Follow my account for updates on sales

MarquisduSoleil (hand-made bookmarks & prints): etsy | Society6 | Redbubble
Follow my account for updates on sales

I’m actually getting better at organizing my posts which is important because I’m repping for so many businesses and I want to make sure they get all the love and attention they deserve.

Toward the end of the month I started cutting back on my chatty videos that accompany my photos because even if they are only 1-minute long videos, they take time to organize, record, edit and upload. While I don’t plan on doing them daily like I usually do, I still plan on making them whenever I feel they’re necessary, which is the main reason I started creating them! Sometimes it’s easier to just talk things out than write really long captions under photos. πŸ™‚ I definitely still utilize my story everyday which has been used for daily updates, wild unboxings, book reviews, and coffee cloud montages!

May was a great month of bookstagramming, but here’s hoping that June will be even better! If you don’t already, please follow me @singprettyreadbooks! And if you have a bookstagram account, feel free to leave it in a comment below too!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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