Happy Wednesday, fellow bibliophiles. Hump day is here! How has your week been so far? Yesterday was pretty stressful for me. I had to wake up super early to take my dog to get fixed which just needed to be done. I dropped some mad money on him, hahaha! Check-in time was at 7:30am, so my friend and I had to leave around 7am to get there in time since the place was about 15-20 minutes away. My dog, Olaf, is half jack russell terrier/half chihuahua and is very excitable, so I was really nervous he’d have a hard time sitting still and bark a lot, but he was surprisingly calm for himself! He didn’t bark too much and he was mostly nervous, so overall, he was such a good boy! I was really nervous about the surgery, but they said he did great and so I just have some post-op procedures to deal with.

Yesterday was also particularly stressful because my undergraduate college, Westminster Choir College, has been going through this whole ordeal because its parent school, Rider University, has been deciding on whether or not to uproot the Westminster Campus and sell the land to maintain financial stability. Long story short, there has been serious backlash against Rider and tons of protests and what have you. After holding my breath and a silent protest by WCC students/staff/alumni on the Rider campus, The President of Rider and Board of trustees ultimately came to a somewhat fair decision which can be found on rider.edu/pathforward if you’re interested. I’m so happy they decided not to completely uproot my school which has a rich history deeply embedded not only in Princeton, NJ but in the realm of music where it is recognized for its unending excellence, inspiration, and beauty in a world that needs it desperately.

jasmineselfievidANYWAYYYYY, I was tagged by my friend @bookmarksandbeauty on Instagram to do the #MeetTheBookstagrammer tag! Usually there are questions associated with this tag, but she told me to make up my own! I thought this would be a great daily vid to share on my IG for my newest followers who don’t know much about me yet! So, check out my post later today for a rapid-fire video version of this tag LOL.

Here are the questions I decided to answer..

  1. Name? My name is Jasmine and I was named after the Disney Princess (for real!) My sister was four years old at the time of my grand entrance into this world LOL and her favorite movie was Aladdin. So, she told my mom she wanted to name her little sister Jasmine. Cute, right??
  2. Favorite Number? 6! I was born on the 6th day of the 6th month of the year and FUN FACT: Princess Jasmine was the sixth official Disney Princess!
  3. Favorite Colors: Blue, pink, gold, and black! I usually wear or have tons of things in these colors.
  4. Job/School?: I currently work part-time as a Library Assistant at my library and am working toward my Master’s Degree in librarianship via online school! I also sing for funerals/weddings whenever I’m needed and I do get paid for those kinds of special services.
  5. Any hobbies aside from reading?: Singing! I’ve been singing my whole life and I do have my Bachelor of Music in Music Education. From karaoke to lip-syncing, singing is my life!
  6. Cats or dogs?: I’m definitely a dog person. I have four dogs and their names are Choong Choong, Olaf, Lily, and Pansy. I actually really love cats and I think they’re beautiful and amazing, but I’m super allergic and I can’t hang around them for long. It’s such a shame because my uncle has this beautiful and sweet cat named Kushka, whom I adore!
  7. What makes you happy on a crappy day?: Aside from reading in bed all day, I love watching Disney movies – pretty much any! But some other favorite things that just about make my day are cute romance books, online shopping, and anything glittery.

For real, though…I’m tagging all of you! If you’re not a bookstagrammer, you can make this into a #MeettheBookBlogger tag! You can answer the same questions or make up your own! I really want to get to know you guys too.

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