Book Review: Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon + Film Trailer Thoughts


Spoiler alert: Love is worth everything. Everything.”

Happy Monday, everyone! Am I the only person psyched about all the crazy snow we’re supposed to be getting this week?? (probably..hehehe). #SorryNOTsorry, guys! I’m just such a winter person!

ANYWAY…I’m here with another book review. The book I’m discussing is none other than Nicola Yoon’s Everything Everything. I purchased this off Bookoutlet before my book-buying-ban for Lent because I knew it was shorter than Yoon’s other more recent work, The Sun is Also A Starand so I wanted to try it out first. Also…the cover on this is just stunning (as is the cover of her other book)! I didn’t know there was a film-adaptation of Everything Everything coming out until after I received my copy.

In her 17 years, Madeline Whittier has never left the house since infantry due to being diagnosed with SCID – a rare autoimmune disease which pretty much means she’s allergic to everything. She lives in a filtered and uncontaminated bubble as her home with her mother, a doctor. Her nurse Carla and her books are her only companions. When Oliver Bright moves in next door, Madeline’s bubble is on the verge of popping as she discovers a newfound desire to break free from her condition, her mother’s rules, and her home.

This book was an easy and fast read as my hard cover edition only came to around 310 pages. The story is told from Maddy’s perspective and is a mix of not just her storytelling, but relevant illustrations, email/IM conversations, web pages, and vocabulary definitions according to her life.

Maddy is Rapunzel – stuck in her air-filtered tower with only her mother to protect her from the outside world and her nurse to look after her during the day. What she does know of the world, she learns through books and the internet. It is learned that Maddy lost her father and brother in an accident. When she’s not studying or reading, she spends time with her mother – who is her rock – playing their own versions of board games or watching movies. Maddy is a really sweet girl, dedicated to her mother, and is insanely reasonable when it comes to the fact that she will never be able to leave her home for fear that she will become ill.

I love Olly, who becomes the shooting star in Maddy’s life. He is funny, wears all black, and can do random physical tricks like hand stands and bounce off walls. Once he and Maddy’s eyes meet, he is determined to figure her and get to know her. He is an absolute sweetheart as he gets to know Maddy and familiarizes himself with her extremely sheltered world. Readers soon find out that he comes from a broken family and so Maddy’s new presence in his life is like a salve to his wounds.

I honestly can’t say that I had many problems with this book. It’s short, it’s sweet, and the leading couple are insightful and so endearing individually and together. The book itself is pretty predictable – the plot twist of this book is probably exactly what you’re thinking if you consider Maddy’s situation and family history.

Verdict: Despite it being pretty much everything I expected it to be, I still really enjoyed this story. I caught myself smiling and giggling as I read it and I could definitely see myself reading this again in the future.

Based on the movie trailer, the casting seems pretty good. I’m really excited to see how Amandla Stenberg plays Maddy and she actually looks exactly as I pictured her to look! At first, Nick Robinson seemed way too baby-faced to play Olly. Olly is supposed to look  sort of like a punk, but he’s also insanely hot (according to Maddy). I will say that Olly’s actor does have that sort weary look to his face (like he’s going through something rough) but his clever and saucy personality still shines through and that’s definitely Olly-quality.

I actually really liked Maddy’s house in the trailer, although I imagined a completely stark-white house – like super futuristic-minimalist inspired where all the walls and even the furniture are an optic white.

Did you read this and/or watch the trailer? Are you excited for the movie at all?




7 thoughts on “Book Review: Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon + Film Trailer Thoughts

    1. Yassssss! It was super cute and you-know-who really irked me LOL. So I’m excited to see how ANR portrays her in the film 😉

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