Book Review: The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski


  • The Edge of Never (#1) by J.A. Redmerski
  • New Adult/Young Adult Contemporary Fiction, Romance
  • My Rating: ★★★ (2.75)

***This review contains mentions of sexual content and sexual innuendos. 

Call me the trash collector because this book was pure unadulterated new adult trash. The 3rd star I added on GR was me being generous, but I really really hate that I was kind of into this book.

I purchased this book and its sequel, The Edge of Always, which I’m currently reading, from BookOutlet months ago since it has really good ratings on Goodreads and I’ve really been wanting to get more into the New Adult genre.

Camryn Bennett is twenty years old and has already experienced a multitude of loss and pain. After an incident at Raleigh, NC’s downtown night club which leads to a falling out with her best friend and realizing her current life is everything short of exciting, she grabs her purse, her phone, and some clothes and hops on the next Greyhound to only God knows where to find herself. On this trip she meets the sexy and devilish Andrew Parrish who lives life to the fullest and encourages Camryn to do the same. Together they embark on a road trip, learning about each other and themselves, but some secrets are hard to share and confessing them could make or break everything they’ve become to one another.

Based on random reviews and book covers of New Adult books, this is what I assumed – New Adult books are the indie-porn of YA. And this book totally proved me right, LOL!

Everyone in this book is either a sexual deviant or harbors some really interesting sexual fantasies that they’re just dying to share with everyone but don’t have the balls to. As expected, there are a few racy scenes in this book and plenty of pillow talk.

This book reminded me of Fifty Shades  – but not because there’s BDSM in this book, although Camryn and Andrew do talk about wanting to be owned or owning someone else sexually. I say this is similar because the writing is pretty poor but the story is pretty addicting. It’s kind of like a southern/backwater version of FS, to be honest. Camryn and Andrew calling each other “babe” and “baby” in every other sentence was SO ANNOYING and reminded me of all the terrible sex talk in Fifty Shades.

Camryn is just an OK heroine. I feel like she knows what she wants but she keeps telling herself that she doesn’t which makes her such a baby, and not the way Andrew means when he calls her that. She really isn’t anything special, but all the guys seem to flock to her in this book…I don’t get it. Andrew’s always going on about how cute her face and butt are, but I couldn’t really see it. Also, her friends are the WORST and I don’t understand how anyone could be friends with them.

Andrew…is hot. The boy sings, he has tattoos, and he’s a sex-God. The only problem I had with him is that I feel like the author tried way too hard to make him seem complicated and deep, but he was just so eye-roll worthy. I feel like Redmerski was like “Oh, let’s make this wrong with him so it makes him seem really angsty” – this goes with Camryn too. I feel like she forced Camryn into the role of a girl with really bad luck by making all these terrible things happen to her just so she would have an excuse to say her life is terrible.

Adding onto the fact that Andrew sings, Redmerski totally got me into The Civil Wars (well…I didn’t know they broke up hahaha). There’s a lot of talk about music – mostly classic rock and Americana/folk music. As a singer, I almost always HATE when authors write characters who perform or sing at some point in the story because it never feels realistic at all. This book is no exception, which isn’t a surprise. But I will say that Redmerski had me wanting to listen to some good stuff, especially Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars (over and over and over again).

At one point, Camryn and Andrew have this whole conversation about how crappy people’s lives are isn’t a competition which Andrew nails completely. And Camryn agrees…BUT SHE STILL DOES IT ANYWAY and then she feels sorry for herself because she doesn’t feel sorry for herself. UGH.

I mostly liked this story because I just really like what Andrew is to Camryn. I’m surprised my eyes didn’t fall out of my head because of how much I rolled them during this story. But Andrew really is a good boy under all the swagger and sex appeal and I wish I had someone like him to open me up (sexual joke definitely intended).

I will say the epilogue totally got me. Redmerski nearly gave me a heart-attack and then totally relieved it on the same page. DAMN YOU, GIRL.

Verdict: Despite not being a fan of the heroine and all the people in her life except for Andrew, this book was a guilty-pleasure read, highly recommended for any trashy romance fans like me LOL. Even though the leading couple did stupid crap, I wanted to know what next stupid thing they were going to do. The author’s writing is really bad and I’m concerned with how she actually talks to people in real-life, but the story is kind of fun, sexy, with a load of drama and angst. I definitely don’t think it deserves the supper impressive ratings it has on GR, but to each her own!


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